You've only to look in the mirror to remember that you are loved.

You Are Loved...In English, Spanish, French, or Italian!

About Us


In this chaotic world, we've seen the growth of hateful rhetoric and horrific human rights violations. Can we remember that God made everyone we adore and everyone with whom we do not agree?  Join in spreading kindness. Accept our imperfections. Practice forgiveness.  Refuse hate. Can we embrace each other as individuals, as families ~ born or chosen, and as communities? The first step in being of service to others is to have a healthy self image. To remind you that you are loved, we invite you to wear one of our reverse-image I AM LOVED garments. Each time you look in the mirror you will see that you are indeed loved, in English, Spanish, French, or Italian. Imagine a kinder, gentler world. You are worthy. You are loved. Go forth and spread joy.